Yelubayev Zhumageldy Sakenovich
Yelubayev Zhumageldy Sakenovich Doctor in Law, MCIArb, Chairman of Kazakhstan Bar Association

«Vitaliy Voronov is well know and respected lawyer in Kazakhstan, litigation professional, human rights activist, an individual who is independent both in his views and deeds. Family man, model father and a friend. Such epithets can be endlessly continued and it would be well deserved, as all his professional life he preached the principles of law and justice and fought for independence of lawyers and self regulation of the legal business.

Today Vitaliy Voronov is a leader of the legal community. Special attention should be paid to his work as member of the 12th Convocation’s Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan which was the first professional and independent parliament of sovereign Kazakhstan. It was in these walls where his talent of the independent and spirited legal scholar opened in full which at that time influenced all of the legislative power in Kazakhstan»

Xeniya Clauzan
Xeniya Clauzan PwC, Zurich

«Aidar is a professional capable of leading the team forward and achieve success in difficult and sometimes unimaginable situations.»

Margarita Tyan
Margarita Tyan Corporate Secretary of First Heartland Securities

«I would like to recommend Aidar as a true professional in law. It worth to be mentioned his outstanding ability to find a good contact with people notwithstanding their level, rank, age, areas of interest etc. Aidar has a significant experience in finance, banking law as well as in M&A. This experience Aidar shared with colleagues and made his best to contribute into his junior colleagues' professional growth. Personally, it was a great pleasure and fruitful experience for me to have such a brillliant colleague and director as Aidar is.»

Zeinulla Kakimzhanov
Zeinulla Kakimzhanov Enterpreneur

«As member of the Parliament he was always active paprticipant on a range of legislative aspects including the first Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

He always had fundamental understanding of the law and only few people know and understand history of Kazakhstan’s legislature so well which makes him one of the fundamental personalities of the law in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The contribution he made was to the benefit of many areas of the economy and many may still may benefit from his contributions in our country.»

Sergey Tereshenko
Sergey Tereshenko Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 1991-1994

«I always valued two qualities. High professionalism and fine human qualities. Vitaliy Voronov possesses all of these to the full measure.»

Thomas Johnson
Thomas Johnson Managing Partner at Faegre & Benson

«Aidar Yegeubayev attained a very good grounding in corporate and finance law and transactions as well as exposure to a wide range of industries, almost always involving foreign direct investment in Kazakhstan.»

Kuanysh Sultanov
Kuanysh Sultanov Political leader of the Republic of Kazakhstan

«I know Vitaliy Voronov since the first days of Kazakhstan’s independence. Last years we were cooperating in the area of human rights. Vitaliy Voronov is well prepared, competent and qualified lawyer.»

David Griston
David Griston Ex-partner at «Clifford Chance»

«Aidar is a strong team-player and can be relied on to provide an incisive approach to dealing with issues; he is committed and consistently delivers work of extremely high quality.»

Rashid Nugmanov
Rashid Nugmanov Movie Director

«I know Vitaly for decades. Not only he is highly qualified professional, citizen and patriot of highest sort but he is also person with many exceptional personal skills and talents which are vital for any lawyer.

It is always an obvious choice for me where I need to receive legal advice for which I am quite grateful. I wish Vitaly further success with law which is absolute must for the rule of law and justice. We need you.»