White collar and investigations practice

Voronov and Partners LLP has a great experience in a wide range of investigations in companies with a provision of preservation of the attorney-client privilege. Our specialists investigate specific sequence of events, collection of evidence, identification and analysis of legal issues as well as conduct of negotiations with law enforcement authorities. Our team solves any criminal, civil, corporate and labor issues. We provide services for the protection of rights in the process of judicial investigations and in all instances of court.

  • Comprehensive criminal defense;
  • Representation of victim’s interests in a criminal case;
  • Consulting participants in criminal case regarding the rights and obligations of witness and victim;
  • Participation in the investigative procedures;
  • Preparation and filing of applications, petitions, complaints;
  • Preparation and filing of civil claim in criminal proceeding;
  • Appeal against decisions and actions of government bodies;
  • Advice and legal support in the matter of declaring and removing from the international and national wanted list.

White Collar Defense and Investigations:

  • Defending the General Manager of one of the largest US oil companies (Seven Sisters) against prosecution of the Prosecutor General's Office with the termination of criminal case at the pre-trial stage;
  • Defense of investor interests from the Middle East with the return of his investments by the state;
  • Defense of the former Prime Minister on charges of tax evasion with the termination of criminal case;
  • Termination of illegal criminal prosecution of American corporation’s top management by the financial police;
  • Defense of well-known journalists and human rights lawyers in civil and criminal cases;
  • Overturn of illegal conviction with subsequent acquittal of the convicted person sentenced to 20 years in prison;
  • Reversal of wrongful sentences against innocent persons by the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Assistance to CIS citizens in the abolition of the illegal declared putting on the Interpol's wanted list;
  • Consultations on the search and announcement of the international Interpol's wanted list in respect of fugitives from justice.

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