Advice on representation in courts in relation to complex disputes against state authorities and large corporations

In line with the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, every citizen has the right to judicial protection of his/her rights and freedoms. However, not everyone has the appropriate knowledge, skills and time to personally exercise this right. In this situation it becomes necessary to seek a qualified legal advise.

Voronov and Partners LLP provides its services in consulting and representation in court with public authorities and major corporations, including:

  • Advice and recommendations on the legitimacy of claims brought by the authorities;
  • Choice of tactics (during interrogations, seizing documents, etc.)
  • Participation of specialists in open negotiations with officials;
  • Drawing up and preparation of complaints against actions (inaction) of public authorities;
  • Preparation of application in line with Chapter 30 of the Civil Procedure Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Preparation of claim documents and registration in court;
  • Collection of a package of documents for filing counterclaims;
  • Representation in court.

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