Complex due diligence including internal investigations

Experienced professionals at the law firm Voronov and Partners LLP carry out an in-depth comprehensive legal due diligence of companies that allows you to save money and calculate all possible legal ways for a favorable outcome of the case in the future.

Our specialists will study all submitted documents, identify risks for the company, introduce necessary changes and provide recommendations on elimination of identified deficiencies in order to comply with the Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The legal due diligence of companies includes the following:

  • Legal due diligence of constitutive documents and its legal status;
  • review of corporate management documents, decisions of sole corporate governance boards;
  • analysis of company’s transactions in shares (stocks), information on shareholders, participants in their property and non-property rights;
  • analysis of legitimacy of company activities (availability of necessary licenses, permits and certificates);
  • analysis of labor relations, etc.

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